Needing Some Aircraft Maintenance?

  • Aircraft & Engine Overhauls

  • Electrical & Mechanical Trouble shooting / Fault Finding

  • Turbine Engine Desalinization and Power Recovery Wash.

  • Propeller Balancing, Turbine Engine Vibrational Analysis

  • Rotorcraft track and balance.

  • Borescope Services

  • Oxygen and Nitrogen service.

  • Structural Repair and Modifications.

  • Interior Installs and Repair.

  • Window Inspections and Replacement.

  • Tire Change and Wheel Inspections.

  • Routine and Unscheduled Maintenance.


Standard Hourly Maintenance Rate

Battery Testing & Servicing

  • The BC-8000 has been designed to provide the operator with a cost effective battery charger and capacity tester in one unit.

  • For use on Nickel Cadmium or Lead Acid Batteries.

  • Capacity Tester Features:
    • Adjustable constant current load in 0.1 Ampere increments from 0.5 Ampere to 15 Ampere (+/- 1.5%)
    • Adjustable constant current load in 1.0 Ampere increments from 15 Ampere to 55 Ampere (+/- 1.0%)
    • USB 2.0 port for PC connection
    • BC Report Utility software for hard copy printout of test results

  • Charger Features:
    • Adjustable output from 3.0 to 36.0 Vdc
    • Adjustable output amperes from 0.05 to 25 Adc
    • Constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC) charge
    • Adjustable charge time from 1-999 min
    • Single or two step charge routine

  • Common Features:
    • Universal AC power input 90~264vac (47 to 64Hz)
    • 10mv voltage resolution 4 line LCD display
    • Over temperature protection
    • Audio warning when capacity test is complete or if
    the unit malfunctions
    • Real time internal clock with battery backup

  • For use on Nickel Cadmium or Lead Acid Batteries

Battery Service - Deep Cycle Capacity Testing & Charging

(Recommended Annually)

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