West Gate Aircraft Maintenance is a professional aaviation maintenance company located in Pensacola FL, USA.

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Professional Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Inspection Services

at Historic 'Ferguson Airport' (82J), Pensacola, FL.

Labor at $95 per hour!

Our Maintenance Services


Aircraft Maintenance

Our aviation mechanics here at West Gate Aircraft Maintenance, are some of the most professional, courteous and experienced maintainers in the industry.

  • Aircraft inspections

  • General Aircraft Maintenance

  • Corrosion Prevention

  • IA / A&P Services

  • Airframe inspection and repair.

  • Engine maintenance (minor and major)

  • IFR / VFR Certification

  • AD / SB compliance

  • Troubleshooting

  • Battery servicing and charging 


Aircraft Inspections

Whatever your inspection needs, we're here to help. West Gate Aircraft Maintenance is able to conduct the following aircraft inspections in a reasonable time at a fair price.

  • Annual Inspections

  • 50 & 100 hour Inspections

  • Pre-purchase inspections

  • Progressive Inspections

  • Items Checked During Inspections

  • Altimeter

  • Transponders

  • Emergency Locater Transmitter

  • Pre-purchase / Pre-buy Inspection


Aircraft Repairs

We understand that aviation can be expensive, so we do our utmost to ensure there is clear and concise communication throughout your experience with us.


We are able to complete major and minor repairs to most aircraft in a timely manner. For more information or to receive a quote please call (850) 453-4181 or email info@westgatemx.com  


Corrosion Treatment

With our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, it is highly recommended that good preventative corrosion treatment is routinely conducted.


One of the best times to do any form of anti-corrosion treatment, is during the aircrafts annual inspection. This is when all the aircraft compartments are open and easily accessible to the maintenance staff.


We have available Corrosion X or ACF 50 depending on your preference. For more information please call (850) 453-4181 or email info@westgatemx.com

Aircraft Weight & Balance

When was the last time you checked the . weight and balance of your aircraft? Here at West Gate Aircraft Maintenance we have one of the best aircraft weighing systems in the industry.

By using the ULP410 Ultra Low-Profile Aircraft Scales Weighing System from GEC, we're able to give you an accurate, up to date weight and balance of your aircraft. Increasing your safety and giving you a better understanding of your aircrafts performance.


West Gate Aircraft Maintenance, is a small, professional, aviation maintenance company, servicing GA and commercial companies in Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama.

Maintenance Rates


Our labor rate is only $95 per hour.

Can you afford not to use us?