Looking for Professional Aircraft Maintenance, Repairs and Inspection Services? Welcome to West Gate Aircraft Maintenance!

Our Maintenance Company

West Gate Aircraft Maintenance has been in operation since 2015,  serving the aviation communities in Northwest Florida and surrounding areas.


Run by Don Flynn, our aviation mechanics at West Gate Aircraft Maintenance, are some of the most professional, courteous and experienced maintainers in the industry, who all bring a polite and personal experience to all our clients and visitors.

We feel very fortunate to be operating out of Ferguson Airport. A very unique grass roots airport that's been around since 1955. To read more about our little airport and its services, click the link below.


General Aircraft Maintenance

General aircraft maintenance is the cornerstone of our company and we take great pride in looking after your aircraft as if it were our own.

Whether it's an oil and filter change, rebuilding a strut, fixing oil leaks, bleeding brakes or something a little more in depth, we've got you covered here at West Gate Aircraft Maintenance.


Trouble Shooting

Got a problem that you can't seem to fix? Tired of throwing money at it on the advice of other shops? Let us see what we can do to put your fun back into flying.

One thing is for sure, if it's electrical, we use one of our experienced Avionic Techs to troubleshoot it. All too often shops won't necessarily have access to a qualified professional, so they make do with just an A&P mechanic. This is what sets us apart here at West Gate Aircraft Maintenance, let us know how we can help!


Anti Corrosion Treatment

Corrosion is cancer to aircraft if not found in time and properly treated. Fortunately we have all the equipment necessary to not only pre-treat your aircraft but also to repair areas already affected and then apply a treatment to stop it from coming back.

If you're looking to save money, you could always get the Anti Corrosion treatment done during an annual inspection with us to receive a discount.

Aircraft Weight & Balance

When was the last time you checked the weight and balance of your aircraft? Here at West Gate Aircraft Maintenance we have one of the best aircraft weighing systems in the industry.

By using the ULP410 Ultra Low-Profile Aircraft Scales Weighing System from GEC, we're able to give you an accurate, up to date weight and balance of your aircraft. Increasing your safety and giving you a better understanding of your aircraft's performance.


West Gate Aircraft Maintenance, is a small, professional, aviation maintenance company, servicing GA and commercial companies in Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama.

Our Location...

West Gate Aircraft Maintenance is a professional aviation maintenance company located in Pensacola FL, USA.

Hours. Mon - Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm   |   (850) 453-4181   |   info@westgatemx.com

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